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This document describes how to use Aptos CLI to perform owner operations during validation.

Petra on Chrome browser only

The Petra wallet extension is supported only on the Chrome browser. However, the extensions for Brave browser and Kiwi browser and Microsoft Edge browser will also work.

Owner operations with CLI

Testnet vs Mainnet

The below CLI command examples use mainnet. See the --rest-url value for testnet and devnet in Aptos Blockchain Deployments.

Initialize CLI

Initialize CLI with your Petra wallet private key or create new wallet.

aptos init --profile mainnet-owner \

You can either enter the private key from an existing wallet, or create new wallet address.

Initialize staking pool

aptos stake initialize-stake-owner \
--initial-stake-amount 100000000000000 \
--operator-address <operator-address> \
--voter-address <voter-address> \
--profile mainnet-owner

Transfer coin between accounts

aptos account transfer \
--account <operator-address> \
--amount <amount> \
--profile mainnet-owner

Switch operator

aptos stake set-operator \
--operator-address <new-operator-address> \
--profile mainnet-owner

Switch voter

aptos stake set-delegated-voter \
--voter-address <new-voter-address> \
--profile mainnet-owner

Add stake

aptos stake add-stake \
--amount <amount> \
--profile mainnet-owner

Increase stake lockup

aptos stake increase-lockup --profile mainnet-owner

Unlock stake

aptos stake unlock-stake \
--amount <amount> \
--profile mainnet-owner

Withdraw stake

aptos stake withdraw-stake \
--amount <amount> \
--profile mainnet-owner